One day I was complaining about my neck

Try this course B_ _ _  said, so, what the heck!!

“Its being held at Sacred heart, Let’s go and try and do our part”,

Enrolled on the course nothing to lose, turned up in my training shoes,

George and Bernie met us with a grin, Come in they said and let us in

They lulled us with a biccy and a cup of tea, then turned to us and said let’s


George ran some tests on our aches and pains

and said we can help you, if you remain

with us and do the exercises

we can offer you, not just prizes,

but a body that is much more supple and strong,

So stay the course you can’t go wrong.

And so the torture began, much stretching and straining,

Come on Bernie said. It is part of your training.

With a glint in their eyes the two of them said

Carry on, Carry on, you will get ahead

Pain will recede, suppleness will arrive

Then you will be glad to be alive

So with a will we set to, to stretch and to turn

In the hopes that our bodies will bend once again,

F_ _ _ _ _ _ arrived always smart and in fashion

And M_ _ _ cycled with a passion

L _ _ _ _ _ and C _ _ _ _ _, huffed, puffed, took the strain

M­_ _ _ ‘s face contorted, she looked in pain

And as for me what can I say

The neck feels stronger, but will the pain go away?

This last six weeks have been a time of learning,

To manage our pain, and occasionally earning

A smile from Bernie, From George a well done

And now thank goodness the course is done!!

Until they both say, no this is just the start!!!

Take the lessons with you as you depart!!!

Seriously though I just want to say a heartfelt thank you

And now it is time for all of us to continue

the good work they have started and see it through.

Mrs. JA

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