30.8 million working days were lost last year thanks to musculoskeletal problems. That’s a whopping 22.4% of the UK calling in sick complaining of neck and back pain.

What can you as the employer do about this?

Our suggestion is to encourage your staff to PARTY more to enhance their musculoskeletal health and as a result; improve attendance.

Are we mad we hear you say?

On the contrary.

Our PARTY acronym is the key to supporting your teams to be healthier, improve strength, and posture. As a result, you can expect happier staff members, a better social environment within your organisation, and improved overall attendance.

 P for Pilates

Using a system of exercises and special apparatus, Pilates can improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture; all issues that amount to staff sickness. A similar exercise to yoga, but focusses on the body’s core.

 A for Aqua exercises

Aqua exercises (Also known as aqua zumba, waterobics, aquatic fitness, aqua fitness, aquafit) is one of the most popular forms of activity thanks to it being achievable by everyone of all shapes and sizes. It is a type of resistance training carried out without swimming, typically taking place in waist deep water. For those staff members that feel self-conscious about starting a fitness regimen, aqua aerobics will act as a welcoming gateway into exercise; while improving endurance, easing stiff joints, and reducing pain

R for Running

With roughly 2 million runners logged in the UK currently, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports. As no equipment except a pair of trainers is necessary to start, it provides the quickest and most accessible route to physical activity. It is one of the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs as well as being a great cure for stress and emotional well-being. Staff members will find themselves with more energy, patience, humour, and creativity. Who wouldn’t want that from their teams?

T for Tai Chi

Tai chi is a popular non-competitive martial art that teaches useful defence techniques and holds fantastic health benefits. As well as alleviating stress and anxiety by providing a form of meditation, it is also a fantastic way to build strength and to manage back pain; thanks to its use of soft movements.

Y for Yoga

Using focused breath control, simple meditation, and specific body postures, yoga is a great movement therapy to improve health, increase relaxation, and overall strength. It is proven that Yoga helps massively reduce the chronic pain associated with musculoskeletal injury.

You can implement the PARTY method into your company straight away. We offer open days where our consultants can teach your team the benefits of PARTYing, and even help you to plan and implement the necessary changes. As a result, you will improve morale, overall fitness, and your business bottom line. Call Ampat now on 0151 3639599  to arrange one of our successful open days in your office.

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