We are all too familiar with the tale of the fussy trespassing blonde. The common theme of having too much and too little before finding the perfect balance — prominent in both her choice of bed and porridge — mirrors the way we should approach alleviating back pain.

Typically, our fairytale moments present themselves when medicating or participating in exercise. Some of us, with the fear of side effects, refuse to take medicine and undertake vigorous activity with no consideration for the aftermath because we feel invincible on days we do not experience pain. Others have a different story. They are dependant on a rainbow of pills and believe by staying still and concentrating on not moving they can magic the pain away.

Sadly, neither of these options are very healthy.

Taking too little or the wrong medication can prevent the adequate treatment of pain. Many believe the myth that long-term medicinal treatment can be effective and take too many pills; however, there is no substantial evidence to back up this claim.

Our bodies are designed to move freely. By limiting our movement, our muscles get weaker, decreasing the spinal support we have, potentially causing further damage to our condition. On the other side, too much activity can cause further pain and aches, limiting movement beyond the initial problem.

So what is the solution?

Just the right amount of painkillers can effectively help combat the pain, without excessive side effects. Exercising little and often is the perfect middleman. The key to keeping the strength and tone necessary in our bodies to help maintain a strong back is to pace oneself.

There may not be a magical cure for an instant fix, but through proper management of activity, medication, and strengthening specific areas in your body, you can reduce the pain and enable recovery. Our BANDAIDE booklet (back and neck discomfort relief with altered beliefs, intelligent posture, dynamic movement and exercises) is a fantastic guideline to help you. Full of expert advice, hints, and tips to help you overcome the hurdles you face in your recovery from back pain.  Buy your copy.