Too Much

Pain barrier is the level of activity one can undertake without significant discomfort. It is tempting for an individual to go beyond their pain barrier when they are not in pain. This unfortunately may cause worsened rebound pain following activity.




On the other hand, undertaking no activity is just as detrimental. Driving for long distances and sitting in office chairs for long hours weakens the muscles and decreases the support to the spine. Reduced spinal support increases the likelihood of injury and worsens back pain.




Pacing and moderating ones activity is vital during recovery from pain. Allowing rest and recuperation between short spurts of activity is crucial. The buzz words are “little” and “often”.  With time, one would be able to increase the levels and duration of activity.

Created and designed by Dr. George Ampat, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon

Disclaimer: Dr. Ampat has a commercial interest in Feet and Spine which sells ergonomic office chairs, sit-stand tables, orthotics and comfort shoes.