Sleeping and maintaining lumbar lordosis

The above image demonstrates one of the positions which humans are naturally comfortable in whilst lying down. In this position the lower spine maintains the inward curve. This curve allows for your spine to be cushioned and retains stability.



Sat as a child – tilting the chair forwards and recreating the lumbar lordosis

It is quite common to see children tilt the chair forward whilst being sat down. This is a natural instinct to maintain the curves of the spine. This creates a larger body to thigh angle, encouraging the spine to be in its natural position.



Normal chair makes you lose the lumbar lordosis

In a normal chair the hip and knee tends to be at the same level, causing the inward curve of the spine to be lost. Prolonged periods of sitting still, without movement, causes lower back pain. Saddle chairs recreate the natural curve of the spine and allow movement.

Created and designed by Dr. George Ampat, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon

Disclaimer: Dr. Ampat has a commercial interest in Feet and Spine which sells ergonomic office chairs, sit-stand tables, orthotics and comfort shoes.