BTL – Bending, Twisting and Lifting

Repetitive bending twisting and lifting can cause lower back pain. There are no absolute limits to the weight that can be lifted. However, lifting by bending the legs, keeping loads close to the body and avoiding twisting, bending and jerks are important in preventing injury.



WBV – Whole body vibration

Whole body vibration in drivers of tractors, helicopters, fork-lift trucks,   earth movers and excavators can lead to mechanical damage to the structures of the spine. The vibration can also induce fatigue in the muscles that surround the spine.



Overuse injuries in sports

Injury results from repetitive micro-trauma without giving an opportunity for the body to repair itself. Injuries are also higher in novices, who have not had appropriate training. Slow progression and avoiding overexertion are important in preventing injuries.

Created and designed by Dr. George Ampat, Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon

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