Back And Neck Discomfort relief with
Altered beliefs
Intelligent posture
Dynamic movement

Failure to protect

Faulty postures

Fat infiltration

Fear of movement

Fighting the pain barrier

Fair Medication


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This web site is for back and neck pain sufferers. It offers evidence-based advice on overcoming spinal pain through a mixture of activities and positive thinking. It identifies the hurdles associated with recovery from back and neck pain. The information is also available in two books that are available to purchase online from Amazon. The books are also for self management of back and neck pain. The books are written in plain English with illustrations. The books contains basic anatomy, common sense advice and list of exercises. There are colourful simple illustrations laid out in an easy format to increase user experience and readability.

The book can also be used by
1. Doctors and therapists. To be handed out to their patients as treatment support.
2. Employers. To be handed out to their employees to proactively manage back and neck pain and sickness absenteeism associated with these spinal disorders.
3. Health authorities and Clinical Commissioning Groups. To be handed to their patients.
If ordering more than 1000 copies the price can be reduced to £1 per copy for BANDAIDE and £2 per copy for Simple Steps to help with back and neck pain.




BANDAIDE – Back And Neck Discomfort relief with Altered beliefs, Intelligent posture, Dynamic movement and Exercises. Attempts to de-medicalise back and neck pain.  Majority of the chronic low back pain that seems to be resistant may be due to one of the hurdles discussed here and in the book. Understanding the hurdle should hopefully help to address the problem. A short 20 page book helping people to treat their own back and neck pain.



A more detailed self help book for back and neck pain. Authored by a Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon. Provides answers to the following questions – What is the structure of the spine? When is back pain serious? How do I know if  I have  Cancer / Infection  in the spine ? Why is passing water and opening your bowels important when you have back pain? I have back pain and cant pee – is that dangerous? My private parts are numb – is that dangerous? What is cauda equina syndrome?  Should I have an X-ray or a MRI Scan?  What are the hurdles? Can fear prevent me from getting better? Can failure to take medications make me worse? Should I take medicines only when it hurts me or should I take pain killers regularly? How can I work better? I sit for long periods and want a proper chair? How do I choose a chair for work? Whom should I consult if I have back or neck pain? Should I see a Doctor, Physio, Chiropractor or Osteopath? How does exercise help? What are the core muscles of the spine?  Should I do stretching exercises or should I do strengthening exercises? The book emphasises on self help and avoiding surgery / intervention  if possible. There are more than 6 pages of exercises to help with back and neck pain.

Dr. George Ampat

Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon, Feet and Spine

Dr. George Ampat has a commercial interest in Feet and Spine.

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The back pain epidemic

The incidence of back and neck pain and the disability caused by these disorders is increasing. Back pain is the largest single cause of disability in the UK, with low back pain alone accounting for 11% of the total disability of the UK population. Out of all 291 conditions studied in the 2010 Study of Global Burden of Disease, Low Back Pain ranked highest in terms of disability (YLDs – Years Lived with Disability,) and neck pain ranked 4th. In simple terms, it means that whilst back and neck pain does not kill, it causes significant disability in the world which is affecting the young working population more than the elderly

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